MPhil Degree and Academic Requirements

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) is an advanced graduate degree designed for a student who wants to demonstrate applied scholarship beyond a Master's program, but who is not ready or does not wish to apply for a doctoral degree program.

The University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences offers MPhil degrees in three academic areas: Mathematics, Liberal Arts, and Organizational Dynamics.

MPhil Mission and Philosophy

The Mission of the MPhil degree in Organizational Dynamics is to enhance the competencies of mid-career adults through advanced applied scholarship from the arts and humanities, social sciences and professional organizational disciplines.

The philosophy of the MPhil degree in Organizational Dynamics is that a transdisciplinary, person-oriented understanding of organizations is critical for superior leaders and managers operating in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

MPhil Degree Requirements

For a graduate of the Organizational Dynamics Master of Science degree program, the MPhil requires completion of six course units (CUs) and a Capstone Paper/Project. For a graduate of another University of Pennsylvania graduate-level organizational studies degree, the MPhil requires completion of either six or eight course units (CUs) and a Capstone Paper/Project. Determination of the required number of courses will be based on the nature of the previously completed degree and coursework.

For a person who completed a Master's or Doctoral program in organizational studies from outside the University of Pennsylvania, the MPhil requires completion of eight course units (CUs) and a Capstone Paper/Project.

MPhil Final Paper/Project Advisor

The format for the Capstone Paper/Project may vary. It may be a professional portfolio of competencies acquired; professional/organizational applied research; an evaluation or synthesis of a topic of interest; or another approach selected with an academic advisor. The required presentation standards for writing the MPhil Capstone are available from the Program Office.

A member of the Organizational Dynamics faculty will be selected by the MPhil candidate to be the Capstone Advisor. The role of the Capstone Advisor is to mentor the student, help define the scope and content of the paper/project, and to read, evaluate, and sign the final work. Capstones will be professionally bound and will be published in the University of Pennsylvania Digital Library, Scholarly Commons.

MPhil Application and Admission

Admission to the MPhil degree is limited to a person who has previously completed a Master's degree in Organizational Dynamics. An MBA, or an MA or MS in Organizational Behavior, or an equivalent organizational program. Equivalency will be determined by the Program Director. 

  • All applications must be completed and submitted using the online application system. Applicants who have completed the MSOD within 4 years of applying to the MPhil program may omit some requirements, as noted below.
  • Admission to the MPhil program is on a rolling basis, and students may apply to begin in the fall, spring, or summer. Application deadlines are 
    • August 15 for the Fall (August) term
    • December 15 for the Spring (January) term
    • April 1 for the Summer (May) term
  • Fellowships are not available to Organizational Dynamics degree candidates. Organizational Dynamics' financial information is available here.

NOTE: For an applicant who has completed the MSOD within 4 years of applying for the MPhil: the letters of recommendation and the undergraduate transcripts are not required. Type “already received for MSOD” in the sections of the online application where this information is requested. All other requirements, including the application fee are required.