MSOD Degree and Academic Requirements


In order to earn the MSOD, students must complete twelve graduate course units (CUs). A graduate course in the Organizational Dynamics program is valued at 1⁄2, 1 or 2 CUs. Upon completion of all coursework, a student must have a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 (“B”) and good standing in the academic community. Within the required twelve CUs, a student must take the following: 

4 courses in the Foundations category
1 course in the Methods of Diagnosis and Evaluation category  
4 courses in the Applications category
1 Capstone course
2 electives

Electives can be courses from within Organizational Dynamics or from another graduate degree program at Penn.

Some courses have more than one category. Each course can count only once in fulfilling a degree requirement; for example, if a course is a Foundation and an Application, a student may only count this course toward either the four Foundations requirement or the four Applications requirement, but not toward both requirements.

The MSOD degree will be awarded after successful completion of the twelve course units and the submission of a faculty-guided Capstone.